Sinier de Ridder - La Guitar 2

Sinier de Ridder, La Guitare
Tome 1, Paris 1650-1950.

This book aims to put an update, complement the previous volume on guitars made in Paris from 1650 to 1950.
New instruments passed by the workshop and it seemed an update to our previous publications was called for, so we could share what these instruments have taught us.
We hope that these updates about Voboam, Pons and Lacote will fascinate you as much as they have thrilled us.

French, english and Italian texts.
Format 24 x 34 cm.
ISBN: 978-88-87618-18-1
120 € + shipping.





Lecture given during a study day
about the romantic guitar at the Scola Cantorum inBasel,
"The guitar: the transition to the 6 strings". (PDF)


Chronicle for the exhibition "Faszination Gitarre"
in the Music Museum of Berlin, Germany. (PDF)



The romantic guitar: french or italian influence? (PDF)
Lecture given at Cremona for the 2010 edition of Mondomusica, the worldwide leading marketplace for violin and plucked instrument making.



Lacote à Paris (PDF)
Lecture given at the occasion of celebrations of St. Cecilia, patron saint of musicians and luthiers,
in Mirecourt November 22, 2003, for the "GLAAF". Groupement des Luthiers et Archetiers d'Art de France.



Lecture given after the restoration of a 12th century priory at Bruère-Allichamps (Cher, France),
"The restoration of antique instruments: deontologies and strategies" (PDF).



Guild of American Luthiers
"Restoration of a Michelot late baroque guitar".
American lutherie #101 Spring 2010 issue.


Brief update on the workshop of Lambert (PDF),
modification of a lute made by Tiefembruker 1575



"Pons, the "Lupot" of the guitar"
Pons brothers, the real creators of the romantic guitar.
Guitar Foundation of America.



"Nicolas Grobert, a discreet luthier"
With only one romantic guitar that became cult after Paganini
and Berlioz played and signed it, Nicolas Grobert is maybe the most copied of the guitar-makers.
Classical guitar , volume 28, n°6, february 2010.
Ashley Mark Publishing Compagny.



"Guitar bridges evolution" (PDF)
january 2009.



"The guitar in Europe: four centuries of masterpieces" (PDF)
Exhibition of historic guitars in Alessandria – Italy.
20th septembre -19th october 2008.



" The appraisal and restoration of a guitar ascribed to Matteo Sellas, Venice c.1640"
Classical guitare volume 26, n°2, october 2007.
Ashley Mark Publishing Compagny.



"Restoring a Guitar by Leonhard Pratter, Prague 1676: A Luthier's Report"
Translation Thomas Heck.
Soundboard Magazine, Vol. 33 Nos. 3/4 -2007
Guitar Foundation of America.



"Guitares de Mirecourt, guitares oubliées"
Les cahiers de la guitare et de la musique,
N° 75, juillet 2000.



"Jean-Nicolas Lambert's guitars.
Les cahiers de la guitare et de la musique, 1999.