Guitar made by Lacote, Paris 1829

This guitar was modified in 1900. A restorer put a large spanish bridge, and modified the head to wear tunning machines. This particular model is well known. The difficulty of this restoration is to create a new head, keeping the middle part which wears the original golden label and which gives us the exact inclination of the head. We observed the vestiges of the mother-of-pearl discs which confirm us into the choice of the specific bridge we have to made.

These photos show the restoration of this guitar step by step. Now the guitar has found again its function and its aesthetic.

The modified guitar :

The restored guitar:

Scares of the mother-of-pearl discs, "Sor" model:

Added piece to obtain the good thickness for tunning machines:

Taking off the added pieces:

The original graft under the apocryphal piece:

New pieces in mahogany:

Reinforcement pieces to hold the sides:

Veneer of mahogany:

Veneer of ebony + polishing:

New head with "buterfly pegs" as copy, and the triangular graft in mahogany:

Scares of spanish bridge and dammaged purflings:

New bridge, "Sor" model: